Helping Home Buyers to Get What They Want

This economy hasn’t taken away the desire to own a home!

People still want a place of their own to raise their families, share with friends and a place to feel safe and secure.  Over 50% of the current buyers are first-time buyers.  For people with a down payment and good credit, this may be the best time ever to buy a home.

This economy hasn’t eliminated the need or aspiration for a larger or newer or older or different home.  People’s situations change and their housing needs change also.  They may just not feel the urgency because they already own a home even if it doesn’t fit their current needs.

The role of today’s real estate professional has changed.  It isn’t enough to be an order taker.  It’s now about providing service way beyond what the buyer and seller expect.  It’s not just finding the “right” home; it’s about showing them the way to minimize the cost of housing by negotiating the price and terms.  It’s about recommending alternative financing and giving them options.  It’s all about helping them to make better decisions. It will take information and tools.  It will take knowledge and training.  But more important, it will take commitment and investment.  Today’s professional must be committed to doing more than the minimum necessary.