“Solar Advantage Value Estimator” for Existing Solar Systems!

The California Energy Commission (CEC) recently developed and released to evaluate existing solar systems placed on real property. 

SAVE has been designed to be used by appraisers, REALTORS®, and others in order to provide a means for evaluating existing solar systems and to determine their expected capacity (i.e. this system, can, on average, generate this much electricity). 

SAVE will provide appraisers with a tool that can place an actual dollar value on solar systems, and will help to provide prospective purchasers with information on the average energy savings that can be achieved by the system. The information contained in the tool is derived from information obtained by the CEC through coordinated efforts with utilities, installers of solar systems, property owners, and their respective agents.

 Properties not included within SAVE can manually input property information and solar system specifications in order to obtain an estimated capacity valuation.

 To learn more about SAVE, benefits for the Placerville, California regions including upcoming training webinars, please visit http://www.gosolarcalifornia.org/tools/save.php.

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