Apple Hill Season is here!

Taking a bite out of the big apple may be associated with New York on the east coast, but here in El Dorado County, taking a bite out of the big apple, means Apple Hill time!

Apple Hill is located in the western Sierra Foothills. Just an hour’s drive from downtown Sacramento, this locale is filled with fruit orchards, breweries, tree farms, and wineries. It’s a perfect out-of-town spot for a quick getaway.

If you tend to shy away from crowds, you may want to visit Apple Hill during the week as weekends are busy, but barrels of fun for the whole family! Most ranches have a produce stand or small shop packed with delicacies and delights from the region. This is a great time to pack a picnic or grab a bite to eat at one of the many stops that offer BBQ, fresh fruits and local produce.

There are many events scheduled throughout the season geared towards family fun, such as Johnny Appleseed Day, Trick or Treat Days and Teddy Bear’s Picnic. Check out the EDG Calendar of Events to help you plan accordingly.

Just remember…pace yourself, there is food and drink around every corner! Enjoy!

By Lisa Schmid, El Dorado Guide

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