Wanted: Skilled Real Estate Appraisers?

In markets where foreclosures and distressed properties are common, experienced appraisers should be used to conduct the complex appraisals, says Appraisal Institute President Sara Stephens.

However, the Appraisal Institute has acknowledged that new rules blocking lenders from hiring their own appraisers mean that appraisers are often hired by appraisal management companies, which generally absorb some of the fee that appraisers earn. 

The National Association of REALTORS® has long asserted that appraisals conducted by less experienced appraisers can derail transactions and impede the market’s recovery. A recent REALTOR® Magazine webinar addresses these issues and offers advice on how to work with appraisers. Download the presentation slides or playback the event recording.

 Source: “Unskilled Appraisers Seen as Problem,” NASDAQ (01/17/12)

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