Home Owners, Appraisers Disagree on Prices

The gap between appraiser and home owner perceptions over the value of homes continued to widen for the fourth consecutive month in May, according to Quicken Loans’ national Home Price Perception Index. Appraisal opinions of home values were 1.15 percent lower than home owner estimates in May. The latest reading on the index marked the first time in nearly two years where appraisal opinions were lower than home owner estimates by at least 1 percent.

Still, despite the widening perception gap at a national level, appraiser opinions remain higher in the majority of metro areas examined, a report on the index notes.

“The HPPI, more than anything, is a reminder that there is no such thing as a national housing market,” says Quicken Loans Chief Economist Bob Walters. “Every city, and every neighborhood, moves in different directions based on local factors. Consumers need to remember to watch their local area closely to understand the direction their market is heading.”

Source: “Home Owner, Appraiser Home Value Opinion Continues to Widen,” Quicken Loans (June 9, 2015)