Tiny Houses Create Expanding Niche

Whether it’s for a starter home or a second home, some buyers take the idea of a “little place of their own” seriously. Houses that may be smaller than some living rooms.

The five featured build-to-order homes — many of which come on wheels — range in size from a cozy 140 square feet to an expansive 269 square feet. The colorful Toy Box Tiny House, for example, can be had for as little as $35,000 and features a “sliding glass door, built-in planters, reconfigurable storage/seating cubes, floating cabinet for cooking ingredients, [and a] loft big enough for a king-size bed,” reports Curbed’s Jenny Xie.

Because of the tight space of these floor plans, most units come with at least some custom amenities. But if your buyers want even more minimalism, Monarch Tiny Homes can supply a 170-square-foot “half and half” for only $22,000 with no interior furnishings. The structure, says Xie, includes “plywood flooring, recycled siding, self-contained composting toilet, LED lighting, [and] mostly bare interiors ready for your own vision.”

Source: “5 Impressive Tiny Houses You Can Order Right Now,” Curbed.com