Half Baths May Mean More Than A Full Bathroom

The median listing price per square foot for homes with two full bathrooms was 15 percent more than for homes with only one full bath, while homes with 1.5 bathrooms commanded only a 10 percent premium over those with just a single full bath, according to the data. Suggesting that once a property has a certain number of tubs and showers, the added convenience of an extra toilet may make a bigger difference.

“You get to the point of diminishing returns with the full bath,” says Stephen Melman, director of economic services for the National Association of Home Builders. A half-bath, also known as a powder room, on the first floor of a house may get more use than any of the home’s other bathrooms, he notes.

In high-end homes, extra half-baths are often included with luxury features such as pool houses, catering kitchens and home theaters that contribute to the price of the property.

Source: “Half a Bathroom Can Be Better Than One,” realtor.com® (Sept. 3, 2015)