Concrete Cracks: Reason for Concern?

Concrete cracks are common and not necessarily cause for alarm. Builders use concrete a lot due to its strength, durability, versatility, and affordability. But it does have a propensity to crack and often there’s nothing the home owner could have done to avoid it.

“Given enough time, weather and wear, your concrete will eventually develop at least a hairline crack – or multiple cracks,” according to a new article that breaks down the cracks in concrete at “There are many forces that lead to cracking, some of which can begin to appear only hours into the drying process.”

Cement can crack for various reasons such as soil upheaval, expansion and freeze-and-thaw cycles. Hairline cracks in concrete are common and can’t likely be avoided either.

As for any concerns, home buyers should get all property cracks thoroughly investigated. We would start with a home inspection report and ask for their recommendations.

Source: “Why Concrete Wants to Crack,” Houzz (October 2015)