Fireplaces Spark Interest with Home Buyers

Fireplaces are eye-catchers of homes, and buyers will linger over a photo of one in a listing. With HVAC and smart-home technology controlling the environment, fireplaces have become purely a pleasure item, to the point where you can just watch a fireplace YouTube video on your smart TV.

For buyers who want the real thing, one design element they consider is the depth of the fireplace. A deeper firebox, according to, shows that the emphasis is for pleasure over function and allows a safer layout, keeping the burning logs away from the room.

But buyers who plan to use their fireplaces look for the Rumford fireplace design, a shallower design that reflects more heat back into the living area while moving air efficiently to keep smoke out.

Source: “What’s the Deal With Old Fireplaces?” (March 24, 2016)