The Computer Keyboard Is Getting a Makeover

Apple wants to change that QWERTY keyboard you’ve grown accustomed to. Apple reportedly has teamed up with Australian start up Sonder Design Pty Ltd. to transform the standard QWERTY keyboard so that it will not only contain any alphabet but also special commands and symbols.

The keyboards are to use “E Ink” displays, which are similar to those on Amazon’s Kindle devices. The keyboards will be fully customizable, and reportedly will make it easier for those who use software programs to outfit it with specialized commands. It also will apparently make it easier to swap out emojis and other symbol substitutes for words.

The new keyboards are set to debut and become standard on new MacBook laptops in 2018.

Source: “It’s Goodbye QWERTY, Hello Emojis as Apple Rethinks the Keyboard,” The Wall Street Journal (Oct. 19, 2016)