Placerville Gold Mine dispute recalls California’s Wild West Past!

California’s Gold Rush was more than a century-and-a-half ago, but its Wild West spirit lives on in a dispute between government agencies and a landowner in the Sierra Nevada foothills that some officials describe as one of the most egregious cases of illegal mining they have ever encountered.

The dispute between local and state officials and the owner of the Big Cut Mine is coming to a head after a bureaucratic stalemate that has dragged on for three years, with the county district attorney filing 14 charges, including four felonies, and the state leveling fines approaching $900,000.

Authorities say the land owner has refused to comply with cease-and-desist orders, pay any fines or even to submit to an arrest warrant. He became a fugitive last week after failing to turn him self in as promised.

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MY TAKE: Trying to strike Gold buying real estate in El Dorado County, California?

There are a few way you can find gold when buying a home or property. Recently I helped a couple find a home in Placerville, (Old Hangtown). Come to find out though, they wanted to start taking advantage of the recent spike in gold prices they better check on a few things.  After we got into escrow, we reviewed at the preliminary title report. We found out that they did not have the mineral rights to mine for Gold on their property.

Not a big deal for the couple that were buying it as a retirement home. But it could mean something to somebody who wanted to own every aspect of their property. Along with most of the normal things you see, most of the time all you ever see in the prelim is some easement from utility company’s or right of ways for roads. Although most of the time there are no “Big Surprises” you do get from time to time some interesting restriction or small surprises.  Which brings up the dispute of the Wild West gold mining events. Does the owner of the Property have the “Right “to mine on “his” property?  You be the Judge.

Living near Big Cut Road and the mine, I can say it really would not affected my everyday happiness or way of life, But I can see both sides of the issue.  So if you own a home in El Dorado County or thinking of buyer a piece of property , you might want to find out if you have the right to “Strike it Rich” on your Property! 

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