‘Bank of Mom and Dad’ for Loans?

Parents and grandparents are increasingly helping their adult children buy their first home. A new study suggests that if families were considered a financial institution, the “Bank of Mom and Dad” would be the seventh largest mortgage lender in the country.

One in five of buyers received gifts or interest-free loans from family members, the study shows. The average amount buyers received from them was $39,000. The Pacific region saw the greatest share of young adults receiving financial help in buying.   Source: Legal & General Group

“For many, perhaps most,young adults, buying a house without help is an increasingly unattainable goal,” says Nigel Wilson, chief executive at Legal & General Group.

The Bank of Mom and Dad “reflects, first and foremost, a housing market where significant problems remain in matching the supply and demand of different types of housing, most notably starter homes and affordable housing of all kinds,” Wilson says.

Appraisers Seek Comments on Seller Concessions

The Appraisal Foundation’s Appraisal Practices Board is seeking public comment on a proposal about how to adjust comparable sales for seller concessions when making valuations.  

“A common tool used to help facilitate a property transaction is to have the seller provide financial assistance or incentives to the buyer,” the board’s proposal states. “Such assistance may be considered a seller concession or financing concession and this is important because it may have an influence on the contract price. The purpose of this guidance is how to identify, verify, analyze and adjust sale comparables for both seller and financing concessions.” 

You can view the appraisal board’s second draft at the Appraisal Foundation Web site, and submit public comment on the draft proposal through Feb. 29. 

We believe financial assistance or incentives often help families buy a home. Appraisers can reflect and adjust for concessions in their analysis. This has been our experience here in the “Sierra Foothills” region of Placerville, El Dorado County, California.   What comments or recommendations could you offer?

Source: REALTOR® Magazine Daily News