Hispanics: ‘Helping Home Ownership Rates’

For the third consecutive year, the Hispanic population is driving growth in homeownership, according to the latest State of Hispanic Homeownership Report. Hispanics’ rising populations and household formation, as well as their increased workforce participation, is behind the uptick, according to the report by the Hispanic Wealth Project and National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals.

The Hispanic population in the United States increased by 1 million last year and accounted for 51 percent of U.S. population growth. Hispanics increased their homeownership rate slightly from 46 percent to 46.2 percent, or a net increase of 167,000 new-owner households in 2017. Hispanics boasted the highest workforce participation rate among any other ethnic or racial demographic at 66.1 percent, according to the report.

The three biggest obstacles facing Hispanic homeownership: Lack of inventory, recent natural disasters, and the nation’s immigration policy, according to the report.

Source: National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals

Spike in ‘Hispanic Home Ownership’ Rate

Home ownership rates in the U.S. may be on the decline, but not among Hispanic households, according to the State of Hispanic Home Ownership Report published by the Hispanic Wealth Project and the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals. Last year was the first time since 2009 that the Hispanic home ownership rate increased.

The Hispanic home ownership rate in just the 12 months ending December 2015, soared from 44.5 percent to 46.7 percent — the largest one-year increase in more than a decade.

Hispanics also led in workforce participation and household formation growth nationwide, according to the report, noting we should expect Hispanics to be the primary driver of the overall home ownership rate for the next decade.

This report “should be required reading by everyone in housing, especially lenders and REALTORS®,” says David Stevens, president and CEO of the Mortgage Bankers Association. “The Latino community is massive, it’s ready to own, and it’s now. The significance of Hispanics to housing and the economy will only grow, creating opportunity for all who focus on this vibrant, dynamic, and impactful part of the U.S. economy.”

Source: National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals