“Social Media Web Sites” Best top picks for you?

Are you increasingly hanging out in the social media world? Do you know Facebook is not the only one offering help for you? Plus, informative daily news on Blog or Web sites? 

Pinterest, in particular, is growing rapidly, seeing its Web traffic surge nearly 50 percent in February compared to January, according to recent data from Experian Hitwise. The site now ranks as the third-most-popular social media site, behind Facebook and Twitter. What’s more, the site has been growing as a source for referrals to other Web sites: Pinterest users referred traffic to more Web sites in January than Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined, according to a separate study by the site Shareholic.

Ninety-one percent of adults online use social media sites regularly, according to the report. Therefore, we feature daily info. on: www.sierraproperties.com, Trulia, etc!

Experian Hitwise reports the following top six social media Web sites, based on total visitors from March: Facebook: 7 billion, Twitter: 182 million, Pinterest: 104 million, LinkedIn: 86 million, Tagged: 72 million and Google+: 61 million

Source: “ The 2012 Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report,” Experian (2012) and “New Study Pegs Pinterest as the Number 3 Social Web site,” Forbes (April 9. 2012)